multidisciplinary Festival at Kleylehof
August 23rd 2014

This year we don't want to suggest a general subject for the REHEAT festival in order to inspire works of art, but the derivation of a subject, if you will - thus we propose "augmentation" as a category by itself.

The word VERY, without any context - makes little sense, but it works as an impulse, asks for a higher level of attention, wants to separate itself from all "HARDLYs".

Northern Burgenland's agricultural-desert is a vast land, providing a lot of space for ideas and their realizations. At Kleylehof, VERY small and VERY big things can merrily co-exist, as well as VERY loud and VERY quiet stuff. A big blank spot on the map, to be explored with big gestures. If the biggest gesture you can think of would be a VERY tiny and quiet work, then we want it to be VERY tiny and VERY quiet. If you think that an audience's attention is best evoked by hidden actions or minimalistic interventions, we want it to be a HUGE small.

This is what we are looking for - a pioneering spirit full of productive wit and audacity. use your ardour, if you please!

In that sense, REHEAT 2014 wants to feature works that exaggerate or diminish specific ideas in one way or another, works that push borders. We'd like to encourage you to shape a work's defining parameters (i.e. space, time, volume, presence, speed, complexity, linearity) to approach the idea of "extreme" - be it an installation, a live performance or whatever rows your boat.

Thou shalt NOT obey any formal restrictions ! - any chosen mode of presentation may be varied, enhanced or subverted.

To provide diversity in our festival's program and to surprise ourselves as well as our audience, we would like to invite only artists who haven't participated last year. Thank you for your understanding.

Please send your proposal for this year's programme to until March 31st 2014. Also: please spread the word.

Thank you VERY much!
The REHEAT team.

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