Lucio Capece
Conditional Music. Kleylehof bei Nacht

I will record sound of the Kleylehof Night (Open Air) , during the previous day of my performance. Placing a microphone inside cardboard tubes of differing dimensions. This resonance inside the tube gives to the recording certain pitches. I deduce the harmonic spectrum of these pitches and suing a Spectrogram. The resultant frequencies will be played in sine waves by three wire less speakers hanging from three big balloons filled with Helium.

The recordings of the Kleylehof Night will be played by tune bugs on the cardboard boxes and through PA. I mix it live making slightly confusing when the sound comes from the speakers or the boxes.

The sine waves , as well as occasional white noises will be played through the wireless speakers, hanging from balloons ( with lights inside) that will move among the audience.

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